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Dr. Berthold M. Kuhn                             Consulting, Advisory Services & Evaluations

My consulting work covers a wide range of international cooperation topics, with a focus on sustainability transitions and the Sustainable Development Goals, civil society dialogue and cooperation, decentralisation and local government reform, rights-based approaches.

Example of Consulting Work for European Commission

EIDHR evaluation
This report is the outcome of an evaluation commissioned by the European Commission with the title "Fight against racism, xenophobia and discrimination", It is one of the few evaluations that have been published in the Internet with the consent of all parties involved.
EIDHR evaluation.pdf
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Areas of Expertise


Civil Society: comparative analysis of legal and regulatory frameworks; capacity building of CSO; NGO regulation, evaluation, certification, civil society mapping, NGO networks; rights-based approaches, NGOs as advocacy networks and service providers (environment & climate change, social sectors), youth led and youth exchange organisations.

Sustainable Development: Sustainable Development in Theory and Practice, Climate Policies and Governance, Interplay and cooperation between stakeholders, capacity building, PPP & CSR, NGOs and public participation, survey design on climate knowledge, attitudes and behaviour.

Democracy and Governance: Strengthening of national and regional assemblies/parliaments, rule of law, local government reform, legal aid and awareness; transparency and accountability, Public-Private Partnerships,

Human Rights: UN conventions, institutions and instruments, Universal Periodic Review, International Criminal Court (ICC), EU Guidelines and instruments, EIDHR, human rights dialogue and human rights projects, rights of children, rights of minorities, labour and social standards.

Programme Management & Evaluation: Project Cycle Management, monitoring, evaluation and capacity development, European Commission (Horozon2020, EDF, EIDHR) approaches and procedures, project planning, M&E and capacity development, GTZ Capacity Works Certificate (2009)


Evaluations are a key instrument for improving the quality of projects and strengthening the legitimacy of public and private funding support. Evaluation exercises aim to understand different interests and perspectives of stakeholders and to promote better interaction among them.   

My evaluation methodology corresponds with the OECD-DAC criteria focusing on

* Relevance,

* Effectiveness,

* Efficiency,

* Sustainability and

* Impact.

My evaluations pay emphasis to the

* political level (national and regional political dynamics, respect of principles of Paris and Accra Agenda),

* the level of the programme partners (capacity development and competencies)

* the level of target groups (adequate responses to felt needs and constraints, ownership, innovative approaches).

The copyrights of evaluation reports/documents are with my clients, including European Commission,  United Nations, World Bank, Federal Ministries, GTZ and others. I may seek special authorization to share reports upon request. Please contact the clients (see reference CV Consulting) or me for this purpose.

Paper on Evaluations of Governance Projects D+C July/August 2011



FU Berlin Spring Campus Conference, co-chair of Workshop on Climate Policies in Comparative Perspectives, April 1-5, Berlin


Workshops and Lectures at Xiamen University, Beijing Normal University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University on Sustainable Development, Climate Policies, Role of International NGOs in March 2019


Advisory services for GIZ project targeting climate migrants in Bangladesh, Dec. 2018


Two courses on Sustainable Development Policies at FU Berlin in fall/winter 2018/2019


New Publication on "Changing Spaces for CSOs in China" OJPS

DOI:10.4236/ojps.2018.84030 Oct. 28, 2018


Speaker at Conference on Collaborative Governance  in Palermo (IT), Oct. 25-26, 2018


Research stay at School of Internatonal Studies, Peking University and Lecture at School of International Studies, Zhejiang University (Sept. 2018)


New publication: "China's Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals", Chinese Political Science Review, July 2018


Teaching a course on "Sustainable Development in Theory and Practice" at Xiamen University in July 2018


Annual Conference of the German Council for Sustainable Development on 4 June 2018 at the Tempodrom in Berlin.


University Alliance for Sustainability Spring Campus 2018, April 9-13, Freie Universität Berlin


Peking University - FU Berlin workshop on SDG policies and implementation in Beijing, March 2018


Advisory work for the Delegation of the European Commission in Beijing, winter 2017/2018


FU Berlin: teaching an intensive course on international cooperation at Otto Suhr Institute, winter term  2017/2018


Evaluation of research projects submitted to the EU's Horizon 2020 programme (Nov. 2017).


Speaker at Conference Voices from East Asia, Ruhr-University Bochum, Nov. 15-16, 2017


Speaker at SustEcon Conference, Berlin, Sept. 25-26


Evaluating a TNB-STEP programme of  German Academic Exchange Service in Shanghai (Sept. 2017)


Evaluations: IPA and EIDHR applications for the European Commission (May, June 2017) and DAAD STEP project in China, (June to October 2017)


New book publication:

Sustainable Development and Climate Policies in China, LAP, ISBN 978-3-330-05869-9,

see Research


E-book versions of my books "Development Politics between Market and State", and Participatory Developoment in Rural India, see Research


Paper published on "Sustainable Development Discourses in China", Journal of Sustainable Development 12/2016


Paper published on "Collaborative Governance for Sustainable Development in China" Open Journal of Political Science, 10/2016


Global Discourses and Practices of Sustainable Development. Master Course, Dept. of Political and Social Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin

Green Transitions. A Common Challenge for Emerging and Industrialised Economies. CAS/ISD, FES Workshop in Beijing, Sept. 26-27


African-German Youth Initiative (AGYI),  Team Leader of the Appraisal Mission (travelling to Ethiopia, Benin, South Africa), February 2016


Chinesisch-Deutsches Wissenschaftsforum, Workshop an der Peking University, Nov. 27-28


Speaker at GIZ-ABI Winter School Democratic Governance, Nov. 9-13, 2015


FU Berlin, OSI: International and development cooperation in theory and practice  (teaching of Master level course, starting 23 Oct. 2015, in German)


Xiamen and Beijing: Courses on sustainable development and collaborative governance, qualitative research methods, and refugees in Europe, Oct. 2015


Nonprofit Academic Centers Council 2015 Conference: July 15-16, 2015, DePaul University, Chicago, IL





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